Now, 2018/6

Andrea Gerák

Update on where in the world I am, enjoy 🙂

This post and the Now page, borrowed the idea of Derek Sivers, one of my Opinion Leaders since more than a decade, and who also created, with many others telling about what are they doing at a particular stage of their lives.

So if you were wondering about what is Andrea Gerák doing now and where in the world is she, thank you for asking, here it is, as of June, 2018, looking something like this:

I am in South-Bohemia, Czechia

(or Czech Republic, if that name is more familiar to you)
This country really feels like a second home to me!

What am I doing:

  • Travel With a Song (Utazás Dallal, in Hungarian)
    Simply: I travel, and sing beautiful songs in beautiful places. Hungarian and other folk songs, and I learn a few…

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