Live and Travel Your Life is for those who find that:

– the world is too big, beautiful and interesting only to live in one place through one’s life, and they want to see as much of it as they can;

– there are so many fun and exciting things one can see and do out there;

– a person can be indeed good and effective in more than one talents and can live off and for his or her passions, independently of locations;

– life is a journey of constant learning.

If that is You, welcome to join the adventure!

Andrea Gerak studying at the corener of Vienna Opera House
My study room at the corner of Vienna Opera House, March 2013
Who is the creator of Live and Travel Your Life?

My name is Andrea Gerák (spelled also Gerak), from Hungary. I am a singer and dancer, but travel and photography have been my passions too, since my early childhood. Also, often I don’t find anything else to be better than hide away with a book and read, and I am always keen to learn whatever I  need on my journey and be a better person.

This site is a continuation and re-arrangement of my previous photo blogs on Blogger that I have started in 2006 (Travel, Hungary, Stockholm, Budapest and Nature). Therefore the posts and everything you can see here at the moment (as of August 2015), are in a transition mode, hopefully you will still enjoy them.

What will you see here?
  • Travel stories, tips on where to go, where to stay, what to do, resources that will make it easier;
  • countless of photos;
  • motivational quotes, writings, books, videos, audios;
  • music that is somehow connected to a certain place or, when I travel somewhere as a singer;
  • festival, concert or other event reportage, cultural tidbits – whatever I attend either as a performer or in the audience;
  • and occasionally maybe random musings,
  • or simply some fun stuff.

    Just as I travel through the world and life.

You are most welcome to join these adventures, please subscribe on the right side (email subscribers will receive exclusive content, for example a pdf book by Rabindranath Tagore).

If you can think with possible partnership of some sort, check out this page: Work with me.

Looking forward to seeing you somewhere in the big world!

Bon Voyage,

ps: This site is intended to be bi-lingual, therefore the strange language you will see in several posts is Hungarian, my mother tongue.


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