NEWS: Fililibi in Hungary

Fililibi Projekt, my beloved music is finally available in Hungary, too. Two female voices and a violin: Hungarian, Balkan and other folk songs, remixes, original songs in Hungarian and in Czech.

It was a loooong break… Now the Fililibi is here again, ready to fly! Lots of water went down in the Danube and in the Vltava since the girls Ágnes Kutas and Andrea Gerák played together and now we both are in Budapest, Hungary, restarting our music project and our individual lives.

To remind you how we look like:


And how we sound like:

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, now is the best time to book the Fililibi Projekt for your events! First of all in Hungary, and we are still connected to our sweetheart Czechia, so we will go back there to perform anytime with pleasure. Of course we love other countries, too, travel is awesome.

More information about the Fililibi Projekt:

About Calendar Contact Music Photo Video


+36 30 330 4237 (HU, EN, DE)
+36303719072, +420721739544 (HU, CZ, EN)

Hope to see you soon!

Ágnes, Andrea

About Calendar Contact Music Photo Video

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