NEWS: Andrea Gerák Official Artist YouTube channel

Andrea Gerák received an official, artist channel on YouTube which is called

Gerák Andrea énekes – Andrea Gerák, Singer

and you find it here:

Music videos by YouTube:
Andrea Gerák videos from other channels as well:

Happy watching, listening, subscribing, commenting and sharing!

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*****Online busking (or more elegantly: crowdfunding)*****
Váci street Budapest, 2019 December. My Guestbook and biscuit box. Yes it’s raining and yes I am singing in the street.
End of 2019:

I decided to settle down in Hungary again, after 20 years of wandering about. It’s a bit bigger challenge to get the show rolling than I’ve thought, therefore I am singing in the streets as a temporary solution, to have food and a decent roof above my head and other such basics, so the beginnings are quite exciting… The whole story: Cup of tea for Andrea!

If you like my work and want to support, there are several ways to give me a kickstart.

  1. For a singer, the best support of course, is booking her for shows,
  2. Listen to and download her songs
  3. You can also throw some love at (no registration needed, cards are also accepted), or
  4. Bank transfer: IBAN: HU46 120105320021373500100000 SWIFT: UBRTHUHBXXX Raiffeisen Bank, Gerák Andrea

Thank you very much, Andrea & Karma will love you forever!

Andrea Gerák (text, photos, video)

Comments, questions, booking or collab requests, fan letters, love letters…:


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