Cup of tea for Andrea!


Facebook keeps telling me that I should create a Birthday fundraiser, so here we go!

For my upcoming birthday (January 15), I would like to ask you to invite me for a cup of hot tea. This would greatly help me so that I don’t have sing in the streets anymore, in this winter cold. Whether you knew it or not: I am busking so that I can have a decent roof above my head and food etc, other basics.

Váci street Budapest, Hungary, 2019 December. My guest book and my cookie box. And yes it’s raining.

If you think that Andrea Gerák the Artist would deserve more, and you like my works (songs, photos, videos, poems & other writings), I hope you appreciate them so much so that you would invite me for a virtual cup of tea or a piece of sweet something 😊


A) Download my songs, albums, Pay As You Want:


B) via PayPal:


C) via Bank transfer:
IBAN: HU46 120105320021373500100000
Raiffeisen Bank, Gerak Andrea

Thank you very much for everything you can and want to do!!! And you get super Karma, too!

(I know that January is a bit tight for the budget of many people, therefore I will appreciate if you just share my post in your circles, or maybe you or your friends, colleagues know about an event where I could perform.)

Your support will help me to do what an artist should be really doing: performing at shows, recording, and also, sharing beauty through words, pictures and other artistic means.

Things are looking good, I am very hopeful: there is a cute, tiny wooden cabin that I could rent for a good price and so I would have a stable place at least for a few months, establishing my life.

I know there are many opportunities for me to perform – the thing is that I should be able to sit down and do all the booking work with the right attitude (which is extremely hard now when after singing in the street, all my physical and mental energies are completely drained).

Also, a singer should dress up nicely and show up at events, meet people, socialize, network and so on, that’s how business works, right?

Again, thank you very much for all the support you can and want to give me,

— Andrea

Greetings from the Danube Bend in Hungary! Visegrád castle in the background



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