Full Moon


Tonight I was watching little bit the people at Republic Square in Prague and noticed that they were photographing the gorgeous Art Nouveau building on the right side of the picture (of which I will have more photos later) but none of them looked at the other side where the Moon appeared – so here it is for you:
Ma este figyeltem egy kicsit az embereket a pragai Koztarsasag teren, es azt vettem eszre, hogy fenykepeztek ezt a gyonyoruseges szecesszios epuletet a kep jobboldalan (amirol kesobb lesznek kepeim), de senki sem nezett a masik oldalra, ahol pedig a Hold tunt fel – igy hat ime:  

Full Moon in Prague

Dobrou noc! Good night!
Jo ejszakat!

Yes, I want more of this! / Igen, kérek még ilyet!

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Andrea Gerak is a Hungarian artist who always LOVED to travel and right now this is what she does: singing, dancing, photographing, writing, sometimes acting and learning her way through the world. Official website: www.AndreaGerak.com And these are a few awesome resources that can help you as well to live the way you want – is it maybe travelPick those that are interesting for you

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