Fight? Create!

Fight for peace, fight against cancer, fight against poverty, fight against environmental problems, fight on terrorism, fight for children, fight for rights, fight for life, fight for love – and more. We hear these words all the time and it seems that all the good people in the world are fighting – isn’t that strange? Is fighting really necessary?

Awesome that they want good things for themselves and others, but why fighting? Fighting can be appropriate and necessary in certain cases, when you indeed must punch an attacker in the face to stay alive, but generally and most probably this is not the only method.

Neither it is the most effective one. For fight is rather low emotionally, energetically: it involves fear or despair, anger, antagonism, which will result in destructive actions, inevitably.

(Again, here we are not talking about instances of self-defense when fight is a legitimate and necessary solution.)

In “ordinary” cases however, why not go up on a higher plane and create instead? Humanity has long passed the phase of fight or flight when these were the only two options a caveman could choose from when facing the saber-toothed tiger.

Today, in the 21st century with all the progress, civilization and culture Mankind has achieved during the millennia, we should know much better.

Create peace with great intentions, constructive, fun and effective actions, education, arts.
Learn what do you need to do to live in good health, physically and mentally. And do that.
Create wealth by production.
Create a safe and sane environment by taking good care of your own surroundings first.
Love and help children, create a great future for them. Know your rights and grant others theirs.

Or does it sound too simple?

Stockholm, 2012. June 17

Andrea Gerák (text, photos)

Enjoy some of my creations:
Children on Mölle Beach
Children playing on the beach of Mölle, Sweden. 2014.


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