OPINION: Multiculturalism

What is Multiculturalism, for real? “Multiculturalism” is a fashionable word these days: media, politicians, organizations, events, individuals are beating the drum of a free, liberal, equal, colorful etc, multi-cultural society. Wonderful.

I am all for multiculturalism!!!

However, in the original sense of the word, and not how it is commonly used today, misinterpreted and twisted, according to dirty interests of certain groups.

Multiculturalism is being seriously misused and abused!

Under this umbrella, such nonsense can happen every day that
– in a non-Muslim community, young girls are forbidden to wear short skirts because of the Muslims going to the same school,
– in Christian communities, Christmas is not allowed to be called Christmas anymore, so as not to hurt the feelings of others who are not Christians,
– people are not allowed to celebrate the patron saint of their own country, because of the immigrants who don’t celebrate it,
– people for whom proper grammar is important, are outraged against and are called racists by people who are not using the English language properly,
– in general, those who make attempts to preserve the language, the customs, traditions, culture and economy of their own homeland (especially if that happens to be in Europe, or if they happen to be white people), those people are immediately called racists, fascists and nazis.

And sadly, the list goes on. Who has not heard of more serious consequences, the terrible events that took lives (or “only” seriously hurt people, which is bad enough) in the recent months in France, Belgium, Florida, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Austria, France again… – as a result of evil manipulation and deeds of certain groups and individuals?

This video below is quite disturbing, but this is what is happening in Europe – long live multiculturalism!… Rrright.

I have seen opinions that some of these attacks were false flag operations, such as the Nice truck incident in Bastille Day, 14th of July 2016, which very well might be, but who knows that for sure, let’s don’t go into that right now, let’s just talk about multiculturalism.

In the past almost one year, I personally lost a couple of friends, ONLY because I voiced my opinion about the above listed behavior.

The biggest irony being is that supporters of that kind of multiculturalism are the loudest proponents of freedom of speech, thought, expression… (And anyway, who in their right mind can ever support such behavior which is seen in the video???)

So what is multiculturalism, or what should it be?

Per definition, it is exactly the opposite of how it is being used: which is basically and practically a planned, enforced, promoted invasion of population from MENA = Middle-East and Africa countries, into European states, the US and Canada – please notice that there is no talk about bringing multiculturalism to rich Arabic countries or to Asia, for example! For the real, original meaning of the word, see multicultural society.


Please correct me, if I misunderstand it, my English might be not good enough, but I am always willing to improve: the so-called multiculturalism is going in the direction of white, local people assimilating to the favor of immigrants who have completely different genetic and cultural backgrounds.

Nevertheless, if I do understand it right, that the word multiculturalism is being misused by politicians, media and actually well-meaning people who have bought the propaganda, then please folks, give up already the wonderfully and fabulously illusionist dream of fluffy pink clouds at the end of rainbows where all the people will live happily after, hand in hand and unconditionally loving, tolerating and understanding each other, singing Imagine, while sipping booze, smoking pot and everybody is having sex with everybody, including their moms, kids, siblings, neighbors and dogs, because oppressing what people feel like doing would be cruel, it would be not granting their freedom and rights – right?

(And often the same persons who are aiming for this world of total euphoria and freedom where only human rights exist and one has the right to do everything, but there exist no any borders – physical nor moral -, there are no religions and other traditional and practical values, not to mention responsibilities, these persons in the next rounds will sing Hallelujah, send out Easter greetings and dress their profile pictures in the colors of the country where the latest mass rape or terror attack just happened… sponsored by multiculturalism)

The requirements to this false, purple hazy heaven of Everybody-Loves-Everybody-And-Everybody-Is-Free-To-Do-Whatever-The-Heck-They-Want are that all our differences be swiped out, the varieties of our languages, ways of thinking and other essential parts of our cultures become extinct and blended in a melting pot, into an unrecognizable, uniformly gray mass of controlled puppets.

Because as it goes now with the so-called multiculturalism, the direction is rather a totalitarian, communist utopia, a Brave New World, an Animal Farm and 1984.

The idea of making the world so-called multicultural under one world government, originates from the 1920s, in the writings of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. His book Praktischer Idealismus is a fascinating read, by the way, with interesting philosophical thoughts about Aesthetics as well. Maybe later I will write a review on it.

For now, back to my views, if you allow me:

Integration is terrific, as long as it keeps the integrity of individuals and groups.

Personally, I don’t have any other choice than live a multicultural life: I was born Hungarian and raised up in this tiny country in the middle of Europe with our unique language, other oddities and very rich traditions, with Slovak, probably Czech and Saxon (and who knows what else?) blood in my veins, I am a folk singer and dancer, love Gypsy music, my favorite dance is a Romanian one from a small village in Transylvania where Hungarians, Romanians and Gypsies live together, I have lived in more than a half dozen countries so far and understand about a dozen of languages to a greater or lesser degree, and I have colleagues, friends and fans from all over the world.

Greetings from Karlovy Vary, Czechia

In the 21st century, where distances are basically non-existent, thanks to modern technology, one can only be multicultural.

But. BUT.

One can only be multicultural by keeping one’s own culture, integrity, roots first, and by respecting of others.

You want to be multicultural? Excellent!

Travel to the foreign country, meet the local people, learn their language (or at least, make efforts), learn about their customs, traditions, ways of life and thinking, eat their food, sing their songs and play their music (okay, you don’t need to do that, but you can listen and appreciate), dance with them, discover their art, history and achievements, participate in their celebrations, be happy for them when they are happy about something.

A little taste of real Multiculturalism: Yours truly singing an Irish folk song:

a Turkish folk song from the Black Sea region:

and a traditional lullaby from the Solomon Islands, in Baegu language:

Of course, as I am Hungarian, I sing Hungarian songs, like this traditional one from a small village in Transylvania:

In Rome, do as Romans do. In Budapest, do as Hungarians do. And so on.

Tourists in Budapest, Hungary

This is not racism or any other, heavy derogatory term, but common sense that makes life easier and more interesting, and the human relationships better oiled.

On the other hand, when you are hosting foreigners, proudly show them the richness of your homeland, your cultural heritage and modern achievements, and invite them to collaborate. And don’t for a moment, feel obliged to take in your house those who don’t show any respect and interest in what you have to offer, especially if they deliberately working on destroying your own culture – in the name of a pretentious multiculturalism.

One more short video, with a very rational and constructive approach on the subject of immigration – it talks about the USA but can be applied in Europe as well.

In my little hometown Kazincbarcika in Hungary, April 2016
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