POEM: Beauty of the world

Wishing you a Beautiful, Happy New Year with this poem that I wrote 20 years ago:


Just look around

and you will see

all the beauty of the world:

A little boy’s mischievous glance,

bronze flashes in a girl’s hair,

silver head of your mother,

eyes — sky can’t be that blue,

a winter day’s crystal cold,

moss-grown stone in a wall of centuries,

velvet feet of little babies,

silk dancing shoes,

salad of seven colors,

tempting smile of a peach,

sigh of young trees,

old clock on that tower,

even a fast, red tram,

your favorite restaurant

or newest coffee cup,

ginger-cinnamon cake,

glowing candles,

powerful lightning,

skaters through the town,

songs from a guitar,

photos of a calendar, —

Can you see this?

It comes from you,

all the beauty of the world.

— Andrea Gerák, 2000 January 15, Vienna

And a few songs that I recorded also in Vienna:

And a bunch of photos from the past few years, from here & there, enjoy:

By the way, for me the biggest thing in 2019 was to decide that I would settle down in Hungary again,after 20 years of wandering about. It’s a bit bigger challenge to get the show rolling than I’ve thought, therefore I am singing in the streets as a temporary solution, to have food and a decent roof above my head and other such basics, so the beginnings are quite exciting…

If you like my work and want to support so that I can survive the winter easier, for example you would invite me for a cup of hot tea, a lunch or something, there are several ways to do it. I will be grateful for whatever you can and will do. Plus, Karma will love you, too!

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Váci street Budapest, 2019 December
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