TRAVEL WITH A SONG: Scarborough Fair in Ferstel Palace, Vienna

TRAVEL WITH A SONG is one thing that I have been doing these days: discovering beautiful places with great acoustics, and simply sing there. This uncut video is as close to a live experience with Andrea Gerak, Singer as it can get!

The other night I found this marvellous passage in Vienna, of the Ferstel Palais. I was only taking photos, however when I stepped in and saw this medieval looking place, I couldn’t help but start singing, just look at this!


Bits of the history of this building, for all you architecture lovers:
1856 – 1860

Brimming with inspiration following a trip to Italy, the eminent young architect Heinrich von Ferstel builds the opulent Palais Ferstel in the Venetian/Florentine Trecento style. “Ferstel”, as it is known locally, is the most modern building in the capital.


Until the official stock exchange building is opened, Wiener Börse rents the ground floor of Palais Ferstel – now the home of Café Central. During this period the Austro-Hungarian Central Bank is also headquartered at Palais Ferstel.

See more on their website

Back to the story of recording Scarborough Fair.

Today, there are several luxury stores in this passage but on that evening it was late night and there was hardly anybody around. (I almost wrote: hardly any soul, but I guess that wouldn’t be true, for such a location has a special spirit which is much more than just whatever that matter can provide, don’t you agree?

I recorded a couple of songs and the few people who were passing by, stopped or tiptoed so that they wouldn’t disturb me. Sometimes, they would stand around for a second to listen and then clap, or come to me at the end to thank for the unexpected treat. I will never forget the lovely young girl who was walking slowly for long minutes, soaking in the ambience, daydreaming, and she just said “It’s magic…”, then she walked on, maybe thinking about her lover or about how would it feel to be a princess in a palace like this…

Danube Mermaid Fountain, by Anton von Fernkorn

The video below is absolutely no-autotune, no-edit recording; occasionally you can hear a car or other noise from the streets outside, and no secret: I also left in the part where I mess up the song a little bit and repeat one verse, because I was distracted by something. That’s what happens when you are multi-tasking: I was walking around with my new toy, a Sony Xperia X camera phone in hand (and that’s why you can’t see me), attempting to create an enjoyable sight for you with my video camera skills that have room for a huge improvement 😀 while figuring out the sound and the microphone – and being a performing artist in the same time, for there was actually a smaller crowd standing there when I did this particular song.

With all this story and technical details behind, this is how the Irish Scarborough Fair sounds and looks like from yours truly, a Hungarian folk singer at the passage of the Ferstel Palais in Vienna:

You can download the song (Pay As You Want), and you can also have the Travel With a Song: Vienna multimedia album with a few songs and videos, many photos for a symbolic amount (or more, if you think so):

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Váci street Budapest, 2019 December. My Guestbook and biscuit box. Yes it’s raining and yes I am singing in the street.
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I decided to settle down in Hungary again, after 20 years of wandering about. It’s a bit bigger challenge to get the show rolling than I’ve thought, therefore I am singing in the streets as a temporary solution, to have food and a decent roof above my head and other such basics, so the beginnings are quite exciting…

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