PHOTOGRAPHY: Karlovy Vary colors

After Karlovy Vary black and white, here are some colors from this jewelry box town of Bohemia, Czechia, enjoy.

Carlsbad City Triathlon 2016
The main post office
The middle two windows on the very top of the yellow building are mine 🙂


On the red carpet
Red carpet, baby! Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Impala

Karlovy Vary Karneval 2016

Sunday morning on Jaltska street
Ohre river


All these photos and a lot more pictures in my Karlovy Vary album are available for licensing, click on this one to view:
Karlovy Vary

More Karlovy Vary

I hope you got inspired, this is a truly beautiful place, definitely worth a day or two when you are visiting the Czech Republic!

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Váci street Budapest, 2019 December. My Guestbook and cookie box. Yes it’s raining and yes I am singing in the street.
End of 2019:

I decided to settle down in Hungary again, after 20 years of wandering about. It’s a bit bigger challenge to get the show rolling than I’ve thought, therefore I am singing in the streets as a temporary solution, to have food and a decent roof above my head and other such basics, so the beginnings are quite exciting…

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