Language barrier? No problem. How to communicate while traveling when you don’t speak the language.

Some of your greatest fun while traveling might come from the various languages!
Currently I am often utilizing my Russian that I still remember from school, in Czechia, and having a hilarious time with Czechlish, plus comparing Czech and Hungarian to each other – we have much more words in common than one would think.

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Andrea GerakAndrea Gerák (also spelled as Gerak) is a Hungarian artist, mostly known as a singer. She is also photographing, dancing, writing, acting, modeling, and forever learning through her journey in the world, living out of a suitcase. Her attention turned to healthy living after a cancer surgery in 2008. Proud mom of a big boy.

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Fireflies Where would you like to stay

Picnic at the Cathedral

This is me in every country:

Hello, excuse me, I am sorry I don’t speak [name of language] well.  Can you please tell me where is the bathroom/supermarket/train station/cool Romanesque church?  Thank you.  Goodbye.”

In spite of being a glamorous international traveler, my foreign language skills suck.  Wait, I take that back, I can roll my Rs like a champ.  (In case any of my readers want to hire someone to stand in front of crowds and rolls their Rs, I am available for a moderate fee.)

Actually, my poor language skills make me uniquely qualified to instruct others on communicating despite a language barrier, because if I can do it, anyone can.  So let me break it down for you, beginning with my all purpose statement, which is the minimum you should learn in the language of the country you’re visiting.

“Hello, excuse me, I am sorry I don’t speak [name of…

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