Sajóvelezd, Hungary. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Visiting Hungary in the autumn

Why should you travel to Hungary this autumn? Because it is a beautiful country with a very rich cultural heritage and people with warm hearts. The month of September is one of the best times of the year for a visit: often gorgeous Indian summer, not too crowded with tourists, and festivals and other programs abound. October is also the time of one of Hungary’s three national holidays (on the 23rd), commemorating the 1956 revolution, when you can get a deeper insight of the history and spirit of Hungarian people.

(Despite of recent situation as of September 2015, Hungary continues to be a safe travel destination)

You can choose from a great variety of things do do and see: harvest and food fests, wine tasting, wonderful colors of forests, lots of music and art, cozy countryside that you can discover by biking, rich family adventures or soaking in world famous baths.

Sajóvelezd, Hungary. Photo: Andrea Gerak
Sajóvelezd, Hungary (Borsod county)

This picture below is still a little bit of summer: the Danube Bend is only a short train ride from Nyugati Railway Station in Budapest.

Beach on the Danube in Hungary
Beach on the Danube in Hungary

And autumn:

Trinity Square in the Buda Castle district, Budapest
Trinity Square in the Buda Castle district, Budapest
Autumn lights in Budapest
Autumn lights in Budapest

Practical information

Traveling to Hungary:

By train Here you can always check the latest railway information and buy tickets
Tip: If you need a train ticket from Hungary and you spend a few days there before, perhaps it is easier just to go to one of the main stations and buy it on the spot. The website is not super friendly for foreign language bookings…

Student Agency buses A little bit odd looking website but the buses are excellent, at a good price

Budapest Airport

Things to do in Hungary

2015 calendar of events and festivals in Hungary

More events in Hungary

Traditional Hungarian music, by the probably best known folk band Muzsikas, It’s Fall Weather:

If you liked this song, listen to some more of this kind:

Authentic Hungarian Village Music (Andrea Gerak & Barozda)

Accommodation in Hungary:

Hotels in Hungary
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Need inspiration to go to Hungary?

Hopefully the photos below will convince you to come to this wonderful land; click on this one to view the album:

Corvinus Gate of Buda Castle, Budapest
Corvinus Gate of Buda Castle, Budapest

Take a piece of Hungary with you on photo products

Have you been to Hungary? What were your experiences? Please tell us in a comment. 



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