Welcome to Hungary! (Warning: rant on the migrant situation)

Why should you travel to Hungary? Because it is a beautiful country with a very rich cultural heritage and people with warm hearts.

Sajóvelezd, Hungary. Photo: Andrea Gerak
Sajóvelezd, Hungary

The month of September is one of the best times of the year for a visit: often gorgeous Indian summer, not too crowded with tourists, and festivals and other programs abound.

However, in the lights of recent events, you might be reconsidering your travel plans to this pearl of Central Europe.

What kind of recent events? You might ask.

As of writing this post, first days of September 2015, Hungary is in the attention center of world news because this tiny country is supposed to deal with some global political mess that had been caused by other powers and to which she is not prepared to deal with: being on the route of thousands of migrants from Syria to Germany that has invited them, it is now the Hungarian authorities that are required to take care of the masses. If they can’t in the way that would please everybody (and of course, that is not possible), they are blamed and blasted, and so Hungary is given a bad name.

You can see tons of disturbing news all over the media these days, all telling you how terribly cruel, inhumane and stupid is the way of how the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the government, the police and of course, generally the entire country of Hungary is dealing with this artificially created chaos imposed upon us, but please, please: do take them with a pinch of salt!!!

Hungary is now being widely criticized for anything we do: if we let the migrants in, if we don’t, if we let them move on and out through its Western borders, and if we don’t let them go. Hungarians are far from being perfect and we make mistakes, but can someone show us please one country in this politically and economically chaotic world where everything is great?

If you are interested more about this current situation of immigration to Europe, there are a good couple of questions to ponder. (But if you are not, just scroll a little bit down on this page for travel and other practical information regarding Hungary and beautiful photos that will make you want to come and visit 🙂 )

A few questions that a lay person might ask:

      1. It is easy to see that the whole story of migrant crisis has a lot to do with simply money: Syrian refugee crisis: why has it become so bad? Speaking about money: a few interesting statistics show the connections between the inhabitants, the GDP and the number of migrants in EU countries – Hungary had the highest number of asylum seekers per 1 million Dollar compared to any other states, already earlier in a previous one-year period, see 3) on this page (the article is in Norwegian, but the graphs are visual enough.) So, when will those who had caused the war at the first place and are keeping it going on, pay?
      2. When is the first boat or plane with refugees will leave to the US, or when will the stone rich Arabic countries will step in?
      3. Media reports, articles, photos and videos are painting a false picture, making it look not only worse than it is in reality, but outright lying. Let’s take only this video: still photos of it have been shocking the world, which were first presented as how cruel the Hungarian police was to poor refugees (who are, by the way, not refugees yet by status, only illegal migrants): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dehGF3-qDvc Why did have to be so many cameras there??? How did the world’s cameras know that this was going to happen right there? And how come the cameramen are standing on the track?It was only those Hungarian policemen who were doing a good job and helping the woman – and what did they get from the media in return? “Police cruelty against refugees” in the headlines…What can be more inhumane than to abuse innocent children and tweaking stories in the way that fits best to the interests of those financing MSM (=mainstream media)? This pregnant woman and her little toddler are abused in the same way as is the death of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi whose tiny body was lying lifeless on the shores of Turkey.
      4. It should be also broadly promoted how volunteers and the police of Hungary were trying the help these migrants: these photos are not making big rounds in the worldBut sadly, the media also didn’t show how did many of these migrants truly behave toward the helping hand:

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L3eSbpETf8Trashing Hungary, literally – lot of food, baby trolleys and other goods were thrown away:

        Food thrown away by migrants in Hungary
        Food thrown away by migrants in Hungary

        One might wonder: if these people behave so ungratefully now, when they are escaping from their lives being threatened in Syria (aren’t they all…? See 6. below) – how will they behave later when housing and Euro bundles are thrown at them, as Germany has promised them?

      5. Did you notice, by the way, that the vast majority of these “refugees” are strong men of army age, full of energy – why aren’t they doing something for their own land? Happy, healthy, young man with fantastic, great sexy muscles…

        Just look at all those men in some kind of a uniform with the hats:

        Healthy looking, young, strong men march under EU flag – is it how refugees, fleeing from a war zone and running for their lives, would look like?
      6. It has been know already that Migrants using fake Syrian passports to enter EU and it’s beneficial to say you are from Syria.
        “Migrant smuggling is probably the most profitable business there is” – Izabella Cooper, spokeswoman of the EU border control agency Frontex. We are back to money.

So are you still believing in whatever the mainstream media is cooking up about Hungary??

Fortunately, there are many ordinary people who use common sense and they voice their opinion, for example here.

The entire story could be summarized shortly:

Well, it’s warmongering, that’s what’s happening. 

Hopefully this had to be the last politically infused post here on Live and Travel Your Life. Enough of the disturbance for now; let’s tune into much nicer vibes!

Beach on the Danube in Hungary
Beach on the Danube in Hungary

Hungary continues to be a safe travel destination

Traveling to Hungary:

Direct international trains are running again towards Western Europe (2015 September 5)
Direct trains toward Western Europe temporarily stopped (2015 September 3)
General train information Here you can always check the latest railway information

Student Agency buses (a little bit odd looking website but the buses are excellent, at a good price)

Budapest Airport

Things to do in Hungary

2015 calendar of events and festivals in Hungary

More events in Hungary

Accommodation in Hungary:

Get $25 off from your first stay with AirBnB

Need inspiration to go to Hungary?

Hopefully the photos below will convince you to come to this wonderful land; click on this one to view the album:

Danube Bend and Visegrád on a hot summer day, seen from Verőce
Danube Bend and Visegrád on a hot summer day, seen from Verőce

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