Ollé, this is my #100 post here!
Ollé, a 100. posztom!

What else than a heart for You who are following my travels, as a thank you?
Mi is lehetne más, mint köszönetképpen egy szív Neked, aki követed az utazásaimat? 

Greetings from Vienna!
Üdvözlet Bécsből!

A hidden heart in Vienna

Had a wonderful photo time today with a Flickr and Facebook friend I met for the first time, some great shots coming!
Ma király fotósétát tettem egy Flickr és Facebook barátommal, akivel először találkoztam, klassz képek jönnek!

Yes, I want more of this! / Igen, kérek még ilyet!

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I am a Hungarian artist who always LOVED to travel and right now this is my way of living. And what do I do for a living? The things that I love… My art: singing, dancing, photographing, writing, sometimes acting, and sharing my experiences. Official website: www.AndreaGerak.com And these are a few awesome resources that I am studying and that can help you as well to live the way you want – maybe travel? Pick any or all of those that are interesting for you

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